Jahsly Jimenez


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  • Fashion on 2017-Mar-07 08:18:07 Fashion said

    Cut 100
    Colored 100
    Lettering 85
    Flower 100
    Total 96.25
  • Krystallynn on 2017-Apr-06 05:44:29 Krystallynn said

    Whether or not you went to high school with Ian does not necessarily mean that you would know if he is autistic. I would suggest that his actions lead me to believe he has Aspergers Syndrome. People afflicted with this ailment are high fuginionctn, somewhat socially inept, clumsy, etc. Also, the repetiveness of actions is a give away and the rocking. Watch him on the swing or at the table and he is in constant motion. Every once in awhile he says something and reminds me of Dustin Hoffman in Rainman.

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