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  • Fashion on 2016-Oct-20 08:04:20 Fashion said

    Appears Finished? (1-3) 3
    Represents Self? (1-3) 3
    Multiple views? (1-2) 1
    Perspective? (1-2) 2
    Total (10) 9

    Is that a bird in the pupil?
  • Fashion on 2016-Oct-20 08:43:42 Fashion said

    Really nice drawing of the human eye. I like how the artist interprets the look of the eye the way s/he sees it.
  • Fashion on 2016-Oct-20 08:45:04 Fashion said

    I like this because i also like drawing eyes
    ~ Cielo Raymundo
  • Fashion on 2016-Oct-20 08:47:34 Fashion said

    Dream Madera
    I really like the eyelashes. Very good job
  • Fashion on 2016-Oct-21 09:30:24 Fashion said

    I like the shading in the drawing that makes it look very realistic

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